Introducing the new, innovative, animated graphics banner

If you want to make a real impact with your exhibition graphics, then we’re proud to introduce you to the Warrens animated graphics banner – it’s eye-catching, effective and energy efficient too!

How do our animated exhibition graphics work?

A Warrens' animated graphic is similar to neon but far more realistic, because it operates as a backlit light source behind a high resolution printed image. The image itself is divided into several different sections of phosphor lamp that can be individually illuminated independently of one another.

Each section of these impressive exhibition graphics is programmed and sequenced at the time of manufacture and hard wired into a computer chip. When the program is run, it creates the appearance of movement within the static printed image.

Our animated graphics are an eye-catching, moving, electronic display that utilise high quality, full colour digital images - yet they’re as thin a credit card! These animated exhibition displays are energy efficient too – less than 40 Watts per square metre. Vibration and shock resistant, they’re easy to install, portable, and do not contain glass.

Environmentally friendly animated graphics

The animated graphic has excellent environmental credentials. A graphic at 800x2000mm uses only 60 Watts of energy when it’s completely illuminated, the same as a 60W light bulb - but as it’s only completely lit for a small part of its operating cycle, it only uses around 20W as an average. If you compare this with a static light box of the same size that uses fluorescent tubes which can consume up to 400W, the cost savings become significant and therefore the user’s carbon footprint is significantly diminished.

If you use one of our animated exhibition graphics for 12 hours per day for 365 days, an animated sign with the dimensions of 800x2000mm, using 20W, would cost less than £10.00 per year to run. A fluorescent light box using 400W would cost £175.20 per year to run (based on 10p/kWh).

Example of an eye-catching animated graphic used as a Twist banner graphic
(Inc banner and hardware for full coverage illumination unit approx. £2200 Each one off. Significant cost savings for multiples plus 2)

What sizes are available?

We have used a Twist banner as our example but your animated graphics can be as large or small as you want. You could attach a smaller logo to a pop up or Twist display if you’re working to a smaller budget, but be aware that there are significant economies of scale for the animated graphic. The more you want of a particular image and animation sequence, the lower the cost.

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