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#4 Enjoy it!

The exhibition show days are the culmination of all of your hard work, planning and diligent efforts to get to this point; the nights spent working late, the detailed, lengthy discussions, the coordinating of agencies, budgets and deadlines – it’s now show time. Consider these 2-5 show days (sometimes longer!) as the equivalent to your very own movie premiere. Now is the time to stand shoulder to shoulder with your industry peers and be proud of what you have produced and achieved.

You have invited your VIPs in advance and given them a reason to swing by your stand. You have planned your literature or electronic downloads and you have a knock-out competition on the go (more on those to follow in the coming weeks), now you can unveil with pride your company’s latest product, invention or offering.

With a bit of passion and a lot of enthusiasm from you and your team during the open days of the show, you are demonstrating to your neighbours and visitors that you care about your brand and your products. A buzzing atmosphere on your stand is a natural and effective sales tool – happy employees means happy customers.

So wave your flag, smile and importantly, ENJOY!

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#3 Self-Promotion

It can be quite alien and excruciating for many of us Brits not used to today’s Social Media storm, but promoting your company’s presence at an upcoming exhibition is essential, as is communicating to your existing and potential clients that they should come and speak to you or your colleagues on your stand.

These days, exhibition organisers offer a plethora of ways to help promote your company, your brand and your stand before, during and after the show, so make sure you build a rapport with the event organiser. Contact the Show Director to see if there are opportunities to promote your company through the content programme (such as putting yourself forward to give a talk in your specialist subject), through advertising online or in the show catalogue, through sponsorship of a specific area in the halls and through signage, to name but a few.

The exhibitor manual will have helpful tips and guides to point you in the right direction: email banners, web banners, social networking, press offices, show guide and onsite advertising. If you include this as part of your exhibition planning process and make use of the exhibition organiser’s communication resources, you will vastly increase the reach of your message with very little additional effort.

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#2 Location, Location, Location!

If you are planning to exhibit at one or a series of events, don’t leave it until the last minute to book for the best spots. Most organisers offer hefty discounts if you book your space for the following year during the open days or at the end of the current show. To take advantage of these savings, book there and then whilst it’s fresh in your mind.

Little and often - Given the choice between a smaller, more prominently located stand at a few successful shows a year, or a larger stand at the back of the hall at a single show, we would ALWAYS go for the former.

Ask around - Don’t rely solely on advice from the event organiser on traffic flow. Invariably the flow of visitors is affected by so many things beyond your control it is nigh on impossible to predetermine the best position based on where the highest visitors traffic flow may or may not be, especially when everyone there is trying to attract the same visitors, by any and every means at their disposal. Try to ensure that your stand design works in any orientation to maximise visibility and presence.

  • location is key

Size isn’t everything - If you are new to exhibiting, remember size isn’t everything, but being present at the exhibition most certainly is. As long as you make good use of the floor space and height that you do have, you have a clear objective for exhibiting and a well thought out plan to execute a clear and concise message, exhibiting will pay dividends.

Research and plan - The process of finding the right stand space for you and your objectives is a lot like looking for a new home as you need to scope out the surrounding area and community as well. The exhibition hall plans are available well in advance from the event organisers. Do your homework on this and investigate the hall layout, the location of your competitors, the star attractions and the amenities. Speak to other exhibitors if you can whilst visiting the show – many will be pleased to share their experiences.

Too good to be true? - if the exhibition organisers are offering you a killer deal ON A SPECIFIC STAND SPACE and it all sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is likely a reason it’s cheaper: a poor location, or a hall column or other restrictive feature in the middle of your stand space is workable, but in our opinion, the compromise is not always worth the saving. Always ask for a detailed technical plan of the space before you commit so you can see the potential obstacles. Forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes.

Stay open minded - Don’t assume that the only good spots are by the entrances. The stand spaces near the bars, food outlets and amenities are also invariably high traffic spots, as are spaces near seminar or discussion (break out) spaces.

If you build it, they will come - As long as you make sure your stand is visible, ideally from a distance, looks attractive and inviting to approaching visitors and your team is well briefed, with clear objectives and is excited to be at the show, then all of your planning will pay off.

#1 Brief and Train your Team

You will reap the benefits in advance of, during, and perhaps most importantly after the show if you make sure that all members of your on-site team are fully briefed and engaged regarding:

  • The purpose of exhibiting at the event – What is the company’s objective? What does the company hope to achieve from their presence at the show?
  • The stand itself – Run through the design and layout of the stand with the team. Ensure they know where specific products, AV or IT equipment is located and why. Let them know what the hospitality area is to be used for and where to find any other key elements.
  • The team’s collective role on the stand – What do they need to achieve together?
  • The role of each individual - What do you expect from each person during their shift on the stand? What is required from them in the way of follow up and to what timescale - not only immediately after their shift but also after the show itself? Who are the go to people if a staff member or a visitor has a more specific question?

Engage with your people, train them, brief them and get them on board and excited and they will take ownership of the stand and their role, which in turn will deliver results and an excellent return on your investment. .

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IT’S HERE: Enhance your home or your office spaces – Bespoke visual décor to reflect YOUR personality from Warrens Display.

On the back or our many successes over the years helping our corporate clients to liven and brighten up their reception areas, offices and workspaces, Warrens Display NOW offers the same bespoke visual décor products and services to home and small business owners.

  • Warrens Home and Office Display Solutions


The possibilities are endless:

  • Add your family motto to your Dining space or Kitchen
  • Show off your favourite family selfie or landscape on a wall in your Nursery, Living Room or Bedroom
  • Display your company mission statement on a wall in your Reception, Office or Meeting Room to inspire colleagues and visitors


Products include:

  • High quality, digitally printed wallpaper
  • Digital canvas mounted prints
  • MDF boards
  • Clear acrylic panels
  • Cut vinyl copy

Download the brochures here


Call: 0113 278 3614 to get FREE advice from a professional advisor about YOUR project

or click HERE to get in touch via our easy to use online enquiry form

Warrens Display Ltd - We make everything easier

What kind of exhibition or display solution is right for you?

Your project’s criteria is unique and the answer varies dramatically depending on your objective for exhibiting, your practical requirements and, of course, your budget.

Warrens Display is unique within our industry in that we offer adaptable and reconfigurable solutions to meet each and every one of your display project’s needs.

We make exhibiting easier.

  • Warrens exhibition services

    Custom stands

  • Warrens exhibition services

    Custom stands

  • Warrens exhibition services

    Custom stands

  • Warrens exhibition services

    Modular stands

  • Warrens exhibition services

    Modular stands

  • Warrens exhibition services

    Pop-up stands

  • Warrens exhibition services

    Pop-up stands

Yes, we can supply everything.

  • Pop-up exhibition stands
  • Modular exhibition stands
  • Custom exhibition stands
  • Interior refurbishment
  • Museum quality print
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Banner stands
  • Display accessories
  • AV & IT equipment
  • Graduate recruitment services
  • Roadshows
  • Events
  • Conferences
  • POS
  • Oversized or Unique display props

If you are:

  • Not sure how or where to begin
  • Working to an urgent deadline
  • Investing in a new stand this year
  • Considering upgrading or embellishing your existing stand
  • New to exhibiting and wondering what's right for your company
  • In need of some advice regarding the wide variety of solutions available

Then there is only one place to come.

Call us for a no obligation consultation to quickly learn of the right solution for your project!

With more than 20 years' experience in exhibitions and in all aspects of exhibition & display, our team of knowledgeable and friendly project advisers will enable you to deliver the best event yet in terms of visibility, presence and return on investment. All from one contact point.

Warrens Display. We make exhibiting easier.

CALL US on 0113 278 3614 or

CLICK to get in touch and we will call you right back.

Happy New Year!

New Year, New You,
New Exhibition Stand?

Welcome back. We are ready …. Are you?

Tools at the ready - We are refreshed, poised and raring to go after the Christmas break!

GET IN TOUCH HERE to send over your brief so that we can help you to deliver your most successful exhibition stand yet.


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Email us:

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    Happy New Year

On the road with Ralawise

Ralawise is a leading global distributor with the widest range of clothing, apparel and consumable products across Europe and Warrens Display Installations teams have spent this year on the road with their BYB (Build your business) events to promote their range of printed garments and printers to end users, interested newcomers and service suppliers alike.

Since January we have installed and dismantled their roadshow display kit numerous times at 32 different venues and cities across the UK and Europe. In total we have covered over 8000 miles and have visited some great cities and iconic venues, many not found on our usual exhibition venue circuit.

As every venue is individual and has its own specific requirements in terms of unique features, access and indeed personality, Warrens chose an adaptable solution that offers great flexibility.

The Ralawise display kit was designed and manufactured with this flexibility in mind and consists of 15 adaptable, rapidly deployed modular display structures and TFS back-lit, light box display units that can be easily adapted to change format and overall size, depending upon the criteria of the room or venue in which it will be installed.

The entire 15x15m display can be quickly deployed by our team of expert installers to turn each and every room into a branded Ralawise BYB experience for their visitors.

Ralawise said of our work:
"The whole team have been very helpful. During our BYB events” "The team are always there on time and work hard to get the stands up in time for our events.”

Need help with YOUR Roadshow?

GET IN TOUCH and find out how we can help.

Or phone us:
Leeds: 0113 278 3614 London: 020 8391 7990

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    Ralawise on the road

Biemme takes the yellow jersey
at The Cycle Show

Warrens Display receives 5* rating

With only 3 weeks to go, Biemme was let down by their exhibition stand supplier, so they approached Warrens Display to see if we could help.

Not only did we step in to the breach, but within a few days of the initial contact our design team created updated visuals and costs and had them approved, and we also provided and submitted working drawings, Risk Assessment, Method Statement, CDPP and other necessary information required for stand approval by the show organisers.

Our graphic designer created a simple and striking layout that really stood out from the crowd and our installations team nailed it on site.

Feedback was fantastic and a grateful client posted the following on our Facebook page:

“Thank you to everyone at Warrens who worked so hard to pull everything out of the bag at such short notice! What an amazing service - I didn't have to worry about the build or take down after the show as everything was taken care of. The design process was made easy and the finished product looked great - thanks to everyone involved!”

Need help with YOUR stand?

GET IN TOUCH and find out how we can help.

Or phone us:
Leeds: 0113 278 3614 London: 020 8391 7990

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    Biemme at The Cycle Show

Need help with YOUR exhibition stand this Autumn? Or for 2018?

Warrens Display makes exhibiting easier and it’s never too early to start planning.

For the 3rd consecutive year we made exhibiting easier this week for Morphy Richards at IFA Berlin.

We will be at plenty of shows this Autumn and are already committed to a number of shows in 2018 to build stands for our clients.

So we would love to help YOU make the most out of YOUR stand space.

Why not send over your ideas and the show information and let us show you what we can do for YOU?

For a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation, click HERE to GET IN TOUCH and find out how we can help.

Or phone us:
Leeds: 0113 278 3614 London: 020 8391 7990

  • Warrens exhibition services

    Morphy Richards @ IFA Berlin 2018

Booked a stand space at an exhibition this Autumn?
Want to stand out from the crowd?
Need to ensure a good return on your investment?

Call us NOW on 0113 2783614 or Email us and we can help.

Here at Warrens we understand that exhibiting can be time consuming and costly. Our team of experienced exhibition stand designers and Account Managers are on hand to make exhibiting easier. We can you make the most of your investment by providing a solution that not only delivers value for money, but also exceeds your expectations for your immediate and long term requirements.

Click here to view events that were are already committed to attending on behalf of our clients

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Another successful Techtextil exhibition for Warrens’ client Arville Textiles

The client wanted to re-use their successful 3.6m tall modular stand from 2015 which was open on 2 sides but their 2017 stand space was closed on 3 sides. Our challenge was to add a wall on the right side and to incorporate walk- in storage, without compromising the impact and visibility of the stand and whilst maintaining maximum space for messaging and graphics.

We integrated a counter in to the right wall to serve not only as a reception area but also to aid stability and we relocated the access door to the store room to the back right corner to maintain as much unbroken graphic wall as possible. This allowed their graphic designer free reign to use huge, high quality images, graphic features and simple straplines as a clear, impactful communication tool. As a finishing touch our designers incorporated their textile fabrics as individual, over-mounted features to add a further dimension to the graphics.

Arville’s Group Head of Marketing said: “Warrens were very helpful throughout the planning stages, offering a turnkey solution which saved us a lot of time and effort in the build up to the event.”

  • Warrens services

    2017 Stand

  • Warrens services

    2017 Stand

  • Warrens services

    2017 Stand

  • Warrens services

    2017 Stand

  • Warrens services

    2015 Stand

  • Warrens services

    2015 Stand

  • Warrens services

    2015 Stand

Exhibiting this autumn?
So are we

Below is a list of shows that we are already committed to attending; it’s growing every day so call us to discuss your requirements and we will help you to make exhibiting easier.

On a tight budget? If we are already committed to attending an event for one of our clients, we can offer discounts due to economies of scale that other exhibition companies can’t match.

Need assistance with the design and build of your exhibition stand? We can help with that too with our experienced in house design team.

We have a great service led approach and a team of experienced staff ready to help make exhibiting easier. Don’t just take our word for it this is some of what our clients think too based on the regular and repeatedly positive feedback we receive from them:

“The service we have received from Warrens Display from initial discussions through to the end of the exhibitions we have attended has been very good. The erection and dismantling of the stands would not have been easy at Olympia but it was carried out in a smooth and efficient manner. Thank you to all concerned.”

  • Warrens services

“As usual, fantastic service for the Warrens team. I only received praise from other team members in regard to the service we received.”

“Warrens have been a great company to work with. They have met all our needs and expectations and also will be on board with our future international events, co-operating on our behalf. It’s so nice to deal with such a lovely company with pleasant staff from the office to the stand installations.”

“Always a great service”

CALL US NOW on 0113 278 3614 and speak to one of our advisors. Or use the call back feature on our website and we will call you.
We make exhibiting easier.

Scottish Homebuilding & Renovating 20-21 May, SEC Glasgow
Toolfair & Elex Show, 25-26 May, Yorkshire Event Centre Harrogate
Ideal Home Show Scotland, 26-29 May, SEC Glasgow

Premiere Orlando, 3-5 June, Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando USA
Offshore Wind Energy 6-7 June, London ExCeL
Automechanika, 6-8 June, NEC
Ideal Home Show Manchester, 8-11 June, Event City
IFSEC, 20-22 June, London ExCe
Health+Care, 28-29 June, London ExCeL
Public Sector Show, 27/06/2017, London ExCeL
Housing (CIH), 27-29 June, Manchester Central

AD & Biogas 5-6 July, NEC
LACA, 5-7 July, Birmingham Hilton Metropole

IFA, 1-6 Sept,Messe Berlin
Seatrade Europe, 6-8 Sept, Hamburg Messe
Erecycling & Waste Management, 12-14 Sept, NEC
UK Dairy Day, 13-Sep, Telford International Centre
Packaging Innovation Expo, 13-14 Sept, Olympia
IPS Prevent, 18-20 Sept, Manchester Central
100% Design, 20-23 Sept, Olympia
Elex Show, 21-22 Sept, Ricoh Arena
London Homebuilding & Renvating Show, 22-24 Sept, ExCeL
HETT, 27-Sep, Olympia
Screwfix Live, 29 Sept-1 Oct, Farnborough

Restaurant Show, 2-4 Oct, Olympia
PHEX Manchester, 4-5 Oct, Old Trafford
Trade Days, 8-9 Oct, NEC
NCAS, 11-13 Oct, Bournemouth International Centre
Grand Designs Live, 11-15 Oct, NEC
National Franchise Exhibition, 13-14 Oct, NEC
Salon International, 14-16 Oct, London ExCeL
Independent Hotel Show, 17-18 Oct, Olympia
PLSA, 18-20 Oct, Manchester
EHI Live, 31 Oct-1 Nov, NEC

Elex Show, 2-3 Nov, Sandown Park, Surrey
Northern Homebuilding & Renovating Show, 3-5 Nov, Harrogate International Centre
Classic Motor Show, 10-12 Nov, NEC
AgriScot, 15-Nov, Edinburgh, Ingliston
PHEX Chelsea, 15-16 Nov, Stamford Bridge, Chelsea
The Vet Show, 16-17 Nov, London ExCeL
Homebuilding & Renovating Somerset, 18-19 Nov, Bath & West Showground

Innasol – Before and After

After a chance meeting in Orlando in 2016 when the client saw our work on another project, Warrens Display won the opportunity to overhaul and update their existing 10x6m stand structure for re-use at Ecobuild and All Energy for 2017 & 2018.

The client wanted to open up the stand and make it feel less cluttered, lighter and create a more modern and welcoming space.

So, we started by removing the overhead truss structure and supporting pillars that enclosed the stand. We added two new tower features, each with graphics and branding to the face. We replaced the old halogen lights with cool white, LED par cans and positioned them at the top of each new tower to cast light around the front of the stand. We then added a 10m wide TFS frame and graphic to the top of back wall, flood-lighting it from below by new, cool white LED lights located behind the client’s feature wall. Then, we added a full graphic cover to the front of the counter, complementary accent kicker to the bottom of the walls and printed vinyl graphic to the outside of the right wall, finishing the stand with a fresh coat of paint.

Finally, to showcase the client’s products, we added raised plinths in bright green, with LED up-lighters. .

The client was really happy with the result – take a look here at the before and after photos to see for your self.

Warrens understand exhibition stands are a huge investment and can offer upgrade services for your existing structures. In this way, not only can we help you to save money compared to a whole new stand, but we are also helping to save our environment.

Call us NOW on 0113 278 3514 or 020 8391 7990 to find out how we can help you to update or refresh your existing stand investment.

  • We do showrooms and interiors too
  • We do showrooms and interiors too

Warrens conquers
Dawn of War III

Fast, efficient turnaround by Warrens Display for launch of SEGA’s Dawn of War III at London’s Savoy Place.

Yes, we did it again for the launch of SEGA’s Dawn of War III on Monday 20th February at London’s Savoy Place.

In just 5 days not only did we print, mount and finish a grand total of 72 graphic panels, we also pre-built, checked, dismantled, packed, transported to London and installed them.

The graphics made up three separate, seamless backdrops; two at 24m wide, another at 4m wide and a presentation screen backdrop at 3.2m wide, which together provided the branded setting and atmosphere against which the UK’s leading gaming enthusiasts and experts tested the new game.

As always, and despite the short lead time, our expert team delivered our usual, extremely high quality finish, from start to finish in all aspects of the job. The displays were constructed from a modular, aluminium structure clad with seamless, encapsulated graphics applied with magnetic and steel tape.

  • We do showrooms and interiors too
  • We do showrooms and interiors too

We do showrooms and
interiors too!

Our vast exhibition experience also lends itself to interior and showroom design. We can help you to brighten up your showroom or office space in order to capture your visitors' imagination.

By adding a stylish touch to your showroom, boardroom, offices or reception, your organisation instantly becomes more memorable, while simultaneously putting guests at ease and giving you another great platform to promote your products or services.

We specialise in adding creative and cost effective solutions for our clients - Our showroom & interior refresh services are highly impactful and deliver a lower cost but visually impactful alternative compared to a full structural refurbishment.

click here to find out more

  • We do showrooms and interiors too

A busy year for Warrens

Below is a list of the exhibitions that we will be attending this year with our clients. This will be updated when new events are added so keep an eye out.

As we will be there already, maybe we can make exhibiting easier for you by passing on any possible savings from economies of scale for transportation and installation costs at your event.

CALL US NOW on 0113 278 3614 and talk to one of our advisors about your requirements.

Keyline Conference Thursday 2nd February, Principal Hotel Manchester
ProHair Live, 26-27 February, Manchester Central

Packaging Innovation Expo, 1-2 March, NEC Birmingham
Ecobuild 7-9 March, London ExCeL
Security & Policing, 7-9 March, Farnborough 5
SCTS, 13-14 March, Belfast Waterfront
Seatrade Global, 14-16 March, Broward County Convention Centre, Fort Lauderdale USA
Embedded World, 14-16 March, Messe Nuremberg
Passenger Terminal Expo, 14-16 March, Amsterdam RAI
IFE, 19-22 March, ExCeL London
IIA GAM, Gaylords Convention Centre, Kissimee, Florida USA
National Homebuilding & Renovating Show 23-26 March, NEC Birmingham
Ideal Homes Show 24 March – 9 April, Olympia London

HSCN 6th April, QEII Conference Centre
Kwik Fit Conference, 22 April, Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel
Toolfair & Elex Show, 27-28 April, Westpoint Arena, Exeter
Grand Designs Live, 29th April – 7th May, ExCeL London

Air Cargo World, 9-12 May, Messe Munich
TechTextil, 9-12 May, Messe Frankfurt
Beauty World Middle East, 14-16 May, Dubai, UAE
Homebuilding & Renovating Scotland, 20-21 May, SECC Glasgow
Toolfair & Elex Show, 25-26 May, Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate
Ideal Homes Scotland, 26-29 May, SECC Glasgow

Premiere Orlando, 3-5 June, Orange county Convention Centre, Florida, USA
Automechanika UK, 6-8 June, NEC
Ideal Homes Show 8-11 June, Manchester Event City
Public Sector Show, 27th June, ExCeL London

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New addition to Warrens’ design team

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Luke Blackamore to our 3D design team.

Luke joins us as an integral part of our expansion plans which kicked off back in August this year when we relocated to huge and easily accessible premises at Felnex Road (link to location page).

Graduating in 2012 with a degree in Interior Architecture from Leeds College of Art & Design, Luke’s final year project to transform Leeds’ Salem Church in to a working theatre was awarded special recognition at his year’s Graduation Exhibition. The exhibition was then shown at Free Range in London’s Shoreditch, which, since its inception in 2001, has become the number one platform and launch pad for the next crop of creatives to showcase their work to both public and industry.

Luke’s innovation and creativity combined with a commercial insight gained from his more recent experience in Marketing and E-Commerce bring an alternative perspective on exhibition stand design and we are excited to be working with him to apply those skills to Warrens’ new projects as we move in to the New Year.

2017 will see yet more additions to the Warrens’ fold – watch this space….

  • Warrens services

61,000 miles and 7 countries!

Warrens’ dedicated installation team has travelled a whopping 61,000 miles to 7 different countries in 3 months.

...choose Warrens Display for your Graduate Events and exhibitions

During October, November and December, our intrepid Grad Event installers travelled to 7 different countries and covered a grand total of 61,001 miles. 4,883 of those in just ONE day in October to facilitate the 24 different events in 4 different countries that took place that day.

  • Warrens services

Choose Warrens to make your events
"so much easier"

And still they are smiling. One client says of the service they received from the installers and Susanna:

“Could you please pass on the biggest thank you to John and Stuart over the past 2 weeks – I genuinely could not have done it without them and you too ☺ You make my job so much easier. It’s always a pleasure to see the guys as they are so friendly. All the staff think so they when they come along to pack away the stand.”

To discuss your Graduate Events requirements with Susanna, call 020 8391 7990 or email

Choose Warrens for “efficient and extremely supportive and helpful” service

Another happy client states:

I have worked with Susanna Kingston for a few years now, particularly during the Graduate Career Fair season. Susanna has been an extremely supportive and helpful person, particularly as this time of year is very stressful. Susanna always approaches us in a positive way and provides as much detail as possible to any questions we have. She works quickly and efficiently to support our ever changing needs and always goes the extra mile to ensure we are getting what we have asked for. I am extremely pleased with the service from Susanna and those that work at Warrens Display.”

Our ‘can do’ team delivers 331 Graduate Events in 3 months

...choose Warrens Display for your Graduate Events.

Warrens’ most successful Graduate Stands season ever…

Our Graduate Recruitment Event Manager Susanna Kingston and her team of logistics and event management specialists have experienced their most successful Grad Season ever.

Susanna says: “With invaluable contribution from our enthusiastic installers and our diligent warehouse personnel in Leeds and London, over the last 3 months we have delivered 331 successful events. 220 of those took place in October and on our single busiest day we covered a massive 24 events. During the same period, we arranged more than 750 shipments to at least 10 countries, 40 of those in ONE day”.

Phenomenal Client Feedback

Feedback has been phenomenal from clients across all sectors:

Choose Warrens for a ‘can do’ team ...

“We are delighted to have worked with Susanna Kingston and her team at Warrens again this year supporting our clients in their campus careers fairs logistics needs. It’s great to be working with a ‘can do’ team that knows how to manage the complexities and challenges of delivering graduate employer campus activities across so many of the leading UK and International universities – they just ‘Get it’.”

Choose Warrens for amazing services

“Thank you very much for your services, you have been more than brilliant!”

Choose Warrens for exceptional professionalism & capability ...

“Warrens are exceptional in their professionalism and capability, as a result we always knew they would do their best to ensure the event was a huge success, so a personal thank you for your service and support.”

Chat with Susanna about your Graduate Event requirements (Stands, logistics etc)

020 8391 7990 -

Everything you need under one (very large) roof

Our new premises incorporate a large display showroom overlooking client’s stand pre-build area, massive storage warehouse (FOC for existing clients), extensive meeting rooms, full conference facilities, secure customer parking, undercover loading and full workshop.

For any exhibition and event services requirements, Call us now on 0113 278 3614.

We make exhibiting easier.

  • Warrens services

Warrens help Yorkshire Water give Rio heroes a warm Yorkshire welcome at Leeds homecoming parade

The achievements of Yorkshire's Olympic and Paralympic athletes were recognised by large crowds in Leeds. Warrens assisted our long standing client Yorkshire Water with their display and logistical needs. Whilst there was a tight deadline we easily facilitated the client and all they needed. Warrens was pleased to be on hand to help out at this great event.

The Rio Heroes homecoming event saw athletes from across Yorkshire take a tour of the city centre in open-top buses ahead of a civic reception. Athletes taking part included triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, diver Jack Laugher and Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox.

Organisers estimate around 30,000 people gathered to watch the parade

  • Heroes Welcome Leeds
  • Heroes Welcome Leeds

Police:Now in launderette lather

Warrens Display helps creative agency to get students all in a lather about a career with Police:Now.

The retro-style launderette, complete with realistic looking washing machines, high-tech LED lighting and interactive AV elements, is making a splash at university graduate events around the country.

  • baby

New addition to the Warrens family

Huge congratulations to our Design Manager and his wife on the safe arrival of their baby boy!

The family is doing really well and we were pleased and very impressed to catch up with mum and meet baby this week. Welcome to the world from all of us here at Warrens Display

  • baby


We are proud to announce that our new Leeds office at Felnex Road is now operational.

To celebrate with you, the first 30 orders over £200 that we receive for delivery in August will receive a FREE Counterlite unit and graphic.

Ideal for use in your reception area to welcome visitors and display leaflets, or on an exhibition stand, a Counterlite is a very lightweight and portable counter unit with an access door for internal storage.

This offer includes a white Counterlite with carry bag and tube (as seen in the photograph above) and a full colour, digitally printed graphic with YOUR logo on a white background.

Because we always provide that something extra

  • New Premises at Felnex Road

Goodbye Burley Road,
Hello Felnex Road

At the end of July 2016 Warrens Display is finally bidding a fond farewell to the distinctive, red brick Taylors Drug Company building at 359 Burley Road building that it has occupied for more than 30 years.

From Monday 1st August we will be up and running at our brand new premises on Felnex Road, just off junction 45 on the M1.

We will have lots of office space, spacious meeting rooms, huge storage facilities and plenty of space for pre-building and for customers to come and see their finished exhibition stands prior to installation.

Watch this space as we move in to the Autumn as we will also be welcoming you to our brand new showroom that will occupy more than 110m2.

Our Leeds telephone number remains unchanged: 0113 278 3614

Come and see us at our new address: Warrens Display Ltd, Felnex Road, Leeds LS9 0SS

  • New Premises at Felnex Road

6m tall Double Deck Stand wows at Grand Designs Live

Having previously taken a 10x7m stand space at this and similar exhibitions, our client decided to go even bigger and better at Grand Designs Live London, 30th April – 8 May 2016 at ExCeL by taking a 15.5x7m space and by adding a double deck. At 6m tall the custom build stand not only dominated the Grand Build area of the show but was also clearly visible from other halls.

“The new stand looked fantastic. We had lots of comments throughout the show and the general consensus from people working down there was that it was the best stand in the whole show, so it's a big pat on the back for all of you.” GM Express Bifolding Doors

Click here for more information or to discuss YOUR exhibition stand design, GET IN TOUCH NOW

  • Warrens new building

We're getting there

May brings us closer still to our big move and we are making significant progress with our preparations. The new site is beckoning and we are gradually moving kit over there in to bespoke, pre-allocated slots in the warehouse.

Spring cleaning is the order of the day for the rest of us and slowly but surely, we are tidying, minimising and getting ready for our move at the end of June.

Busy and exciting times ahead for us all!

  • Warrens new building

It's started!

We have taken our first step on the exciting journey to our new premises and have delivered our first truck load in to our new, 33,000 square foot warehouse where we will be able to accommodate more of our clients’ needs whilst being leaner, more streamlined and raring to go.

Busy and exciting times ahead for us all!

  • Ultra White Collar Boxing


Warrens Chessington Warehouse Manager David “Wild Child” Glenham is channelling his passion for boxing in to a fundraising campaign in aid of Cancer Research at an Ultra White Collar Boxing Event at Westcroft Leisure Centre, Croydon on Saturday 19th March

Ultra White Collar Boxing is a Boxers’ fundraising organisation for Cancer Research UK that has raised over £3million to date. They give people that have never boxed before 8 weeks of free, professional boxing training and the opportunity to take part in a boxing event at some of the UK's biggest best venues.

We will be supporting David in his endeavor, and afterwards during his recovery!

If you would like to make a donation please visit Wild Child’s Just Giving Page

If you would like to buy tickets to attend the event, please Click Here and input David “Wild Child” Glenham as the person you are going to see.

Should be a good night.

  • Ultra White Collar Boxing

New graphics production record for Warrens

In preparation for the graduate recruitment season that is now upon us, the production teams here at Warrens have printed, mounted, trimmed and finished a record number of pop up and pull up graphic display stands; 900 at the last count.

That’s enough graphics to cover the equivalent of 3 Olympic sized swimming pools!

And we are still going…… watch this space

  • graduates

Graduate Season is upon us again

September sees Susanna Kingston and the team at Warrens Display getting ready for our busiest year to date for Graduate Recruitment events.

Warrens Display provides a highly professional logistics and installation service for our clients attending Graduate recruitment events all over the UK, Europe and further afield.

With two new clients on board, Susanna and the team of account managers, warehouse managers and installers are preparing for what will be the busiest Graduate Season so far.

Many of our clients have been with us for years and depend upon us to deliver an extremely high level of service in a calm and organized manner during what can be an extremely high pressured time with very tight deadlines and last minute additions!

Take a look here at what Emma, Marketing Manager, Graduate Recruitment and Development, had to say:

“During a busy graduate season, knowing that our collateral is in safe and reliable hands is a huge relief. Due to [the] chaotic nature of the season we often have last minute requests and Susanna and the Warrens team always do their very best to meet our needs, however impossible they might seem! Furthermore Warrens have been proactive in predicting our needs, helping develop our booking form and flagging any issues they foresee with orders we have made."

  • graduates

New additions to the Warrens Team

This month, we are pleased to welcome two new valuable additions to our sales and co-ordination Teams and another to our London warehouse.

John McNamee brings more than 40 years’ industry experience and expertise to the Leeds office. He started out with Warrens Jepson as a photographic printing specialist in his first job after leaving the army and now returns to Warrens Display to add his considerable graphics knowledge and account management skills to the sales and co-ordination team.

Joining our London team as administration assistant Danielle Holdaway possesses a wealth of office experience. She hails from a legal/medical secretarial background and her organisational skills, calm efficiency, friendly nature and great telephone manner will be a valuable asset, especially during the graduate recruitment season

Personable and approachable, also with strong organisational skills and invaluable attention to detail, David Glenham joins the London Team as warehouse manager. David previously worked for Warrens on a freelance basis so we are pleased to have him on board on a permanent basis.

  • warehouse

Warrens goes offshore!

Warrens Display is pleased to announce that we will be attending the world famous SPE Offshore Europe Conference and Exhibition in Aberdeen that takes place 8-11 September.

One of our existing clients, for whom we have designed and built a number of stands at events throughout the UK, is taking a 5x6m space in which we are constructing a custom stand. In addition, we have won a new, US based client with a modular stand design for an 8x4m space.

Exciting times for us all and we are very much looking forward to being a part of this huge event.

If YOU have any last minute requirements for your stand at the same show, be it a pull up banner, a pop up or modular stand, or if you need some last minute graphics, please CONTACT US NOW

  • warehouse

We are expanding again!

Warrens Display continues to grow and we have added another warehouse to further enhance our existing four warehouses, thereby increasing our long term storage space to well over 60,000 square feet.

Storage at our premises is just one of the many client services we offer here at Warrens Display along with unbeatable client service. And we don’t charge to store your equipment as long as it is used again during a twelve month period.

Whether yours is an entire custom built stand or just a few banner stands, we will house your equipment and items professionally and with care so that it is ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Call us NOW on 01132783614 to discuss your needs

  • warehouse

Winner: Best stand @ BIM

We are proud to announce that Warrens’ design concept for Steljes’ 6x3m custom stand at BIM (Building Information Modelling) won best stand at the show, which took place 8-9 April in Manchester.

The stand was designed to showcase Steljes’ most up to date, state of the art technology which included an 85” and two 65” interactive touch screens alongside three further smart technology screens within an an informal yet engaging enviroments.

Steljes Marketing team was thrilled to receive the award and confirmed that the event had been a resounding success.

  • baby

New addition to the Warrens’ family

Our 3D designer Magda has given birth to a baby boy!

On Wednesday 18th March, Magda welcomed a baby boy to the world. We would all like to extend our most sincere congratulations to the family and we wish her all the very best during her maternity leave. We are looking forward to catching up with them all very soon.

  • baby

Warrens’ own footballing legend

Last week saw Warrens’ own graphic designer Lee Robinson compete with his 5-a-side team “OAP United” in the knock out FA People’s Cup tournament in conjunction with BBC Get Inspired.

The BBC film crew followed Lee and his team mates throughout the day which involved the team mates watch their own children in a training session for their under 7’s and under 8’s teams. Seems football fever runs in the genes. The film crew then accompanied the nervous OAP United Team as they travelled to Leeds for their first “Big Match”.

Sadly, OAP United were soundly beaten in all three group matches. Despite never having played a competitive 5-a-side match before, they gave a good account of themselves on the day in front of the most supportive and vocally enthusiastic following. “It was a great experience,” said Lee afterwards, “and to have a BBC film crew following us around made us feel like football stars for the day. We’ll definitely be back again next year.”

  • an example of exhibition stand design

BETT Success

Feedback has been excellent from all four of our clients whose stands certainly stood out from the crowd and included exciting features such an 80’s disco theme with light changing dance floor, an 85” interactive whiteboard screen, state of the art technology for web based demos and a calm and inviting corporate hospitality space.

Watch this space for more detailed information on bespoke stands features.

  • an example of exhibition stand design
  • an example of exhibition stand design
  • an example of exhibition stand design
  • an example of exhibition stand design

Warrens at BETT

BETT, the world’s leading learning technology event, takes place 21-24 January at ExCeL and Warrens Display is pleased to be providing a number of stands at the event for our clients.

Yet again, our designers have surpassed our client’s expectations for every concept and themes are wide and varied: 80’s disco with LED light-changing dance floor, a video wall and a cocktail bar; colourful, eye-catching and interactive to showcase state of the art technology and equipment; informative, engaging, sleek and sophisticated; ……

  • an example of exhibition stand design
  • an example of exhibition stand design
  • an example of exhibition stand design
  • an example of exhibition stand design

GCHQ gets animated

For this year's graduate recruitment drive, GCHQ looked to Warrens to help them to stand out from the crowd and provide them with something eye-catching and a bit different. Take a look at the video to see what we came up with.

With its innovative, programmable technology, an animated graphic used with the hardware from an Original Twist banner stand really brought to life what is usually a static graphic display.

As thin as a credit card at less than 2mm thick, an animated graphic uses the latest in phosphor technology to provide a full colour digital image that is a moving electronic display, with high quality backlighting. It is energy efficient – less than 60 watts per square meter, it is vibration and shock resistant, easy to install, very portable, and does not contain glass, gas or mercury.

Applications include: Safety signage, Branding campaigns, Point of Sale advertising, Trade shows, Mobile advertising, Entertainment and Sporting Events, Night clubs and bars, Hotels, Casinos, Concerts, Cinemas, Kiosks and many more.. For more detailed information about animated graphics, please click here

For more information about animated bannners, please click here.

Investing in a new fleet

Warrens Display is investing in a new fleet of vehicles, the first one of which has taken on the new distinctive blue, grey and white livery to reflect our new branding.

Look out for the vans and trucks on the roads near you, on their way to yet another successful UK or international exhibition installation.

Graduate Season 2014 to be a record breaker!

Autumn 2014 is set to be another busy one for the Warrens team! Thanks to the consistently high level of service we provide, the Graduate Logistics arm of Warrens Display keeps growing with even more NEW, large blue chip organisations joining the list of companies we already look after. As one of the UK's premier service providers for graduate recruitment fairs and presentations, we're committed to 3 main project objectives to ensure your full satisfaction:

  • To create the perfect first impression to students
  • To exceed expectations with the highest level of service and reliability
  • To provide a truly flexible and responsive service

‘‘Warrens were exceptional in their professionalism and capability, as a result we always knew they would do their best to ensure the event was a huge success, so a personal thank you for their patience, service and support. We’ve had amazing feedback from students and campus team members so all the pain was definitely worth it.’ BP

We'll see you at the next Graduate event!

Germany win nets cash for Charity

To make the recent World Cup a bit more fun for Warrens Staff, the whole company was involved in a winner takes all sweepstake with only 3 teams not pulled out of the hat. In the eventuality of an unchosen team winning, the money would go to our chosen charity - Amnesty International and we're pleased to announce that after a close-fought battle, a late late winning goal from Mario Götze secured the donation. So congratulations to Germany and here's to Moscow 2018!

Warrens signs 3 year deal with Gram!

We are pleased to announce we have signed a 3 year deal with Gram to design and build all their exhibition stands until 2016! Our most recent project for them was Hotelympia at Excel, London and we can’t wait to work with them on their next exciting project.

‘Just wanted to personally say Thanks to all the Warrens team for doing a wonderful job for us at Hotelympia. We have had fantastic comments about our stand and we will be passing your details on to others.’ GRAM

SITA Annual IT Summit 2014

Once again Warrens has been responsible for the SITA Annual IT Summit exhibition, as we have for the last 10 years and the recent, 2014, edition was the biggest ever! Taking over the Dolce La Hulpe Hotel, just south of Brussels, in Belgium, the main exhibition area occupied 800 square metres in the Redwood Room, with the main SITA stand at 132 square metres and a total of 10 sponsors booths at either 3x2m or 4x3m.

The main SITA stand was made up of a huge 3m high pop-up structure with a mixture of concaved and convexed sections, seamlessly joined together with a shaped floor to match. The sponsors booths were predominantly of a curved, modular construction, with curved lightbox sections to the front. In addition to the main exhibition area, Warrens also produced Twist graphics which were used as signage, throughout the venue, and also press room backdrops which were used when filming for the event.

All work was handled by Warrens, in house, from the initial exhibition designs in our studio, the production of the graphics in our print and finishing departments, the hardware and packing by our warehouse, the event management by our account manager and finally our installation team who built the structures on site. Some trivial/interesting facts:-

  • 522 sq metres of printed graphics
  • 448 metres of electrical cables
  • 113 lights
  • 283 pop-up magnetic bars
  • 1 articulated lorry and 2 Sprinter vans travelling a total of 4302km
  • Plus hundreds of hours of planning and preparation!

“HUGE thanks for your patience, efficiency and professionalism.! I know it was a tough one this year, what with the sheer size of the stand and the revised theming so really, I am extremely grateful for all the effort that was made to pull it together in time and on spec. It's fantastic to know that we can count on you whole-heartedly to do what needs doing and I value enormously your experience and the working relationship that has been built over the years, not only with SITA but also with our supporting agencies. I very much look forward to working with on the next one..!!”

Manager Events, Corporate Image SITA

The Big Busk For Children in Need

As part last year's Children in Need event, Warrens Display proudly supported local saxophonist Will Forrester in his 16 hour marathon fundraising busk at Leeds City Station today. Will has busked this time each year for the past 5 years at Leeds Station in aid of Children in Need and has raised more than £26,000 for the charity.

Will started his Big Busk at 5am in the morning and played non-stop to entertain Leeds City Station visitors until 9pm in the evening, plenty of time for everyone to stop by and spend a moment to enjoy his playing and to donate as much as they can for this worthy cause.

We have designed and printed the back-drop you can see in the video and photos to help raise Will's visibility during his fundraising marathon. We are also carried out a whip-round the office to help Will's efforts and Warrens matched our staff donation.

For more information about Will Forrester visit, follow him on Twitter @wforrester1974

Warrens' one night stand in London shopping centre. Met Police involved

The Met Police's recruitment drive wanted to reach as many people as possible and what better or busier place than Westfield? Our installers had only from 9pm on 10th July to 9am on 11th to create this 99 square metre display in time for the centre to open for business at 10... and we did it in style. Not only that, but we turned around the project in only 2 weeks from concept to installation. The stand had a platform floor with a full graphic cover that was fitted in sections. iPad information points were displayed around the space for potential candidates to access information.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and want to know you will be getting the best service and value for money, call us on 0113 278 3614, request a call back or send us an email and talk to us about your project