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Exhibition Stand Hire

Some businesses prefer the idea of hiring their exhibition stands, whether for cost reasons, flexibility or to suit changing requirements – which is why here at Warrens Display, we offer an exhibition stand hire service that’s as adaptable as one of our modular displays!

From the hire of a whole exhibition stand to smaller, individual elements in order to extend a display you already own, we’re here to ensure that you get the exact solution you’re looking for – at the right price and to the right timescales.

Our team is committed to taking the stress out of exhibiting, so we provide a comprehensive exhibition stand service offering a wide variety of cost-effective, re-usable options on exhibition stands for hire or purchase and to suit all budgets.

A brief guide to choosing the right exhibition stands

Modular Exhibition Stands

A modular stand display system is made up from a variety of interlocking, aluminium extrusion components, configured to suit your specific exhibiting requirements. These components are assembled and dismantled with minimum tools, labour and cost, either by you or by our trained installation team.

Using the same component parts, the stand can be easily reconfigured to fit a stand space or display area of any size, making the modular system extremely cost effective

You have the option to hire or buy the majority of the parts required and then hire the extra bits and pieces from us, should a larger event come up. This gives you total control and the ability to plan your displays according to the specifications of each new event.

  • exhibition stands showcasing products in new and inventive ways

    Showcasing products in new and inventive ways

  • Exhibition stand hire at its best

    Quality solutions to meet all hire budgets

  • Example of backlit graphics on exhibition stand

    [4x3m] Backlit graphics for extra impact

  • Stand with graphics

    Interchangeable graphics for key messaging

  • using pop up and modular exhibition stands together

    Integrating pop up and modular displays

  • Stand with integrated private area

    Private areas possible

  • exhibition stand with interactive work stations

    [6x4m] Interactive AV & IT stations

  •  Integrated eye-catching literature display to hire or buy

    Eye-catching literature display

Custom Exhibition Stands

A custom exhibition stand is designed and manufactured to your individual and specific requirements. It's made from a variety of materials such as MDF, wood, acrylic and metal with different finishes according to your tastes and budget.

Don't rule out a custom stand even if you do want to hire. We can design a stand for you that:

  • Can be used more than once – most of our clients with custom stands use them at 2 or more events each year
  • Could be easily reconfigured - if we know if advance that you need use your stand in more than one stand space and orientation then we can design and plan accordingly
  • Can be cheaper than you think – we have a wide range of custom hire elements such as walling, counters, demo stations, accessories and features that enable us to deliver a custom stand for less
  • Would be installed by our full time, trained installers, thereby allowing you to focus on marketing the event to your existing and potential clients and manning the stand to maximise your return on investment

  • stand with eye-catching graphics

    [6x4m] Creative hire solutions for maximum impact

  • Example of hired exhibition stand

    Cost effective & reusable

  • Brand-enhancing furniture hire

    [9x5.5m] Brand-enhancing furniture hire

  • Custom exhibition stand

    [12x12m] Combine hire elements & bespoke solutions

  • Stand with soft furnishings

    [4x3m] Key features add perceived value

  • Product focused display

    Designed around your product

  • Exhibition stand with a twist

    [4x3m] Simple walls with a twist

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Hire vs Buy - What's the difference?

There are no hard and fast rules and everyone’s requirements for their exhibition stand are different. So, to help you to decide which option could be best for your business, please consider the options below and then call us to discuss:

Hire is probably best if...

  • You do not exhibit often or
  • You like to change the look and feel of your stand each time you exhibit
  • Your stand spaces and requirements change from one exhibition to another
  • You have a tight deadline
  • You have a smaller budget
  • You do not have space to store a stand and graphics

Buying is probably best if...

  • You have a full and frequent exhibition programme
  • You have the budget in place to purchase a stand
  • You take more or less the same stand space and configuration for each event
  • You have a longer time frame to develop a stand design according to your budget

Endless possibilities and offerings

Whether you hire or buy from Warrens, be it a Modular, a Custom or a Pop up stand, you will have the following at your disposal:

Visuals &Design


  • Stand structure
  • Stand graphics
  • Accessories

Warrens Service & Stand Documentation

On site stand services*

  • Electrics
  • Internet
  • Rigging
  • Stand catering
  • * as required and at additional cost

Warrens Hire Standard

You will ALWAYS receive the following from us, whatever you require:

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